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Secret nerves, any advice?

Hi all.. My transplant is a few weeks away yet and I've been super matter of fact about the whole thing so far... To do lists, practical pyjama shopping getting the house straight etc etc but having had my 'work up' day of tests this week, and my consent meeting confirmed I'm all of a sudden secretly teary and anxious... Is this normal??? I've got my last day at work this week too so I don't know whether it's just becoming really 'real'......any advice appreciated!


  • Hi Lola,

    If there is such a thing as "normal", then that is absolutely it! There's no "right" or "wrong" way to go about having a transplant – however you feel and whatever you do is right, and given what you're going through, absolutely understandable.

    Personally, I've always found it helpful to take things a day at a time, and to remember and accept that there will be harder days, but that I should never take a blip to mean the worst. I also focused on the transplant as an overwhelmingly positive event that was giving me new life – there might have to be changes (yep), and I would probably have to go through some rough patches (yep), but this was a wonderful opportunity granted to me by the wonders of modern medicine, Anthony Nolan and my donor!

    It's a **** of an adventure, and I never really know what's around the next corner, but I'll find out when we turn that corner, and until then I'll make the most of where I am and celebrate the fact that I'm here. But that doesn't mean I'm never worried about what might be lurking – I just try to shift the focus :-)

    All the very best; do keep in touch with how things go.

  • Thank you George.. A few days later and I'm back to 'Mrs To Do List' ! I think for a moment I was just taken by surprise by how I felt but I guess like you say, it's all 'normal' and I just need to go with it. It's a surreal process sometimes, but I'm excited to see what life will bring after - just keen to get on with it now!

    Thank you for sharing, it's much appreciated. Good luck with the rest of your journey too.
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