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Kidney problems

My daughter is 42 days post transplant and everything was going ok but she has now developed a kidney problem. She has too much potassium in her blood. Her kidneys aren't breaking it down. They gave her insulin yesterday which brought it back to normal but this morning it is too high again. The doctors think it may be the cyclosporine causing it. This is really worrying me. Has anyone else had problems with too much potassium?


  • Hi Tillby,

    This isn't something I experienced but I do remember my medical team having concerns about the effect of cyclosporin on my kidneys and liver and being encouraged to drink plenty of fluids.

    I don't know whether that is related to the difficulties your daughter is having.

    Hopefully someone may be along who has experienced similar difficulties and may be able to put your mind at rest.

    Fingers crossed and best wishes,

  • Thank you, yes she has never been a big drinker and the medics keep nagging her to drink more. She has been readmitted and is hooked up to fluids now. After 7 weeks in hospital, she came out for 5 days and is now back in again so understandably is a bit fed up.
  • Hi, my daughter is 45 days post transplant and has had a problems with too little potassium because of her kidneys a couple of times.She has then had to be given potassium IV and told to drink lots of water to help kidney function. She seems to recover after this but she does try to drink plenty of fluids. I hope your daughter is better now....I have only just seen your post..
    All the best,
  • Hi Poppy, my daughter potassium levels have settled but now she has too much creatin. She is have to have 4 hour bags of fluids every couple of days. Hopefully this will sort it out. Hope your daughter is doing ok.
    Best wishes
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