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Any tips on what to do when a family member gets a bad cold? Please help!

My daughter is day 42 post transplant and has already had to go back into hospital after catching a cold from her brother who has just started college. Her blood counts are struggling since then and now he has picked up another cold! We are trying to be so careful but wonder what other people have done in this situation to avoid infection from a close family member. It seems so difficult at this time of year.
Thank you!

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    Hello Poppy

    It's really difficult to be vigilant all the time about hygiene but the basic rules of hand washing, gelling and being methodical about using cleansing wipes on everything from door handles to remote controls etc. In fact everything that is shared. There is just my wife and I at home so it was easier but with grown up children and 5 grandchildren the slightest sign of a sniffle or runny nose and my wife springs into action, even now 3 years on, she will be there with hand gel and makes sure there is no physical contact.

    There was an occasion last year when we had spent a day with my daughter and her young family and a couple of days later we receive a phone call to say her youngest child had been diagnosed with chickenpox! That can be a problem post transplant so we contacted my transplant unit and they arranged immediate injections to prevent me catching it.

    I think the important thing to do at the first sign of a cold or temperature is to contact you transplant team for advice. Even now I am encouraged to contact my unit at the first sign of a cold or flu. We have a 24hour Hotline number for that purpose. Earlier this year I was admitted with flu like symptoms for a couple of days until a virus was identified and treated with anti virals.

    I hope your daughter recovers soon from her cold, she will get stronger and be able to fight off infections.

    Best wishes, Peter


  • Thanks very much Peter. I think we have not been vigilant enough with the hand gel and wipes. We are still coming to terms with the new normal and it's difficult to find the balance between panicking obsession and over relaxation ....ie a calm vigilance!
    It is good to hear that you managed to cope well even with the grandchildren visiting and are doing well 3 years on. Fantastic!
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