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Hi just wondering if anyone else on here has started a blog I see a few have, I have found it quite therapeutic in my work up to transplant, writing every now and again with updates it also serves as a log for myself and keeps everyone updated.



  • Hi Becky, Thank you for sharing your blog here on the forum. It's great to hear that you have found it therapeutic to write and I know lots of fellow patients like to read real stories of what the transplant journey is like - so you are helping others too!

  • Hi Becky,

    I also found it useful writing a blog during my treatment and transplant. It gave me a chance to share what I was going through with my friends, colleagues and relatives without having direct contact. It also kept me occupied during my time in hospital.

    Do keep the blog going as it's a great way of keeping people informed and I also found it quite therapeutic at times.

    I haven't updated mine for a long time and more or less stopped when I was feeling better, but if anyone is interested it can still be seen at the link below.


  • I am seven/eight years post-transplants and wasn't blogging then, but have kept one since I was told I needed a second liver transplant in 2013 - GvHD totally trashed my own, had a liver transplant, stem cells migrated to my bone marrow, had an accidental third stem cell transplant, lung GvHD has now compromised my lungs to such a degree that I'm not eligible for the second liver because they wouldn't support me through the operation but aren't bad enough to warrant transplanting themselves.

    It's www.kathrynstransplants.com if it sounds of interest.
  • Catching up on posts on the forum here after a few weeks 'off'!

    Thank you for sharing, all! I blog (though a bit less frequently now) at


    if anyone's interested.
  • Thank you all those who have shared their blogs :) I find it useful reading others experiences and hope they help people whether it be fellow transplant patients or their family and friends.
  • Hi Becky

    Good to hear that you also find the forum helpful.
    It has been very useful to hear other members experiences. I have certainly found it helpful and supportive. Pre and post transplant are difficult times so if we can help each other we should.

    If there are any new members out there who want to get in touch then please do or if you just want to give us an update on progress then please let us know. A problem shared etc.!


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