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Falling platelet and neutrophil counts 4 months post transplant

Hello all,

I had a RIC transplant for MDS back in mid-May this year. My recovery has been progressing really well with my blood counts almost back to normal apart from my Hb which has been edging up slowly. I had my three weekly clinic appointment on Wednesday and just took a call from the nurse specialist saying that my latest bloods showed some dips in a few of the counts (platelets down from 160 to 128, nuetrophils down from 3.1 to 1.23). This could be down to the effects of the Septrin apparently which I have just come off so hopefully a repeat next week will show an improving situation. I'm more than a little worried though as this is how the MDS initially presented itself. Has anybody else experienced similar issues.




  • Hi Rob,

    I've heard of counts taking a dip so I hope it's nothing to worry about for you. Have you had an infection that might account for the reduced levels at all? As you say, coming off Septrin might also lead to the change.

    Good luck with the next blood test and I hope things are picking up, but please let us know back here that things are ok.

    All the best,

  • Hi Rob

    I had an unrelated donor transplant in May 2012 for hypoplastic MDS (at The Christie). I'm pleased to hear you have been making good progress.

    I have just had a look at my old clinic notes for the same time post transplant that you are at. I was still on weekly clinic visits, and my counts were similar to you. I was also taking Septin, but stopped in mid October. The doctors notes were positive albeit the counts were fluctuating, I note that by November counts were well up and steady. It may be you are just having a bit of a blip and hopefully the next check will show an improvement.
    At the same time I was also having minor GvHD affecting my skin, this was being treated with steroid creams and Diprobase which both worked.

    Do keep us updated with your progress and if I can help in any way with any questions re MDS and recovery then please get in touch. I was 63 years when I was first diagnosed back in March 2012, I had no obvious symptoms, the condition for me was identified following a routine blood test which had shown a reduced platelet level.

    Best wishes

  • Thanks for the replies and reassurances gents.

    I'm having a repeat blood test tomorrow so I shall hopefully have an update soon.
  • I've had the results back from yesterday's repeat blood test and the counts remain steady which the team at The Churchill see as reassuring. The message from my consultant is that counts do fluctuate significantly post-transplant and the big problem with doing regular blood counts is that you see this natural variation which can cause anxiety.

    I have a biopsy scheduled for mid-November which will give a more accurate picture of how my marrow is performing so I shall try and forget about this until then!
  • Hi Rob

    Good news and I'm sure the biopsy will be okay. In the meantime try to just focus on getting yourself stronger each day.

    Good luck.

  • That's good news Rob and sounds reassuring.

    Fingers crossed that the biopsy shows everything is going well and that the graft has taken. Relax and continue with your recovery now

    All the best,

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