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Post bone marrow transplant - a question from my GP-has any other BMT recipient been asked this???

My husband accompanied youngest daughter for GP appointment, I was in waiting area with other daughter. The GP after consultation asked whether I was in waiting room, if so could I go in to see him. I spoke to the receptionist before going through to see him, GP asked if I wanted a 'DNR' (do not resuscitate). Immediately I replied NO I would not have gone through 3 courses of chemotherapy & BMT to have one.


  • Hi and thanks for posting this message. I must say we've all been a bit shocked by what this GP has done here.
    This is not routine practice, BMT is a curative option as you know so i can not think why they have done this.
    I'm sure this has made you all very worried but please be reassured, your transplant centre are your husbands primary team and you should be led by them. Keep in mind that this could well be the first time your GP has ever encountered a blood cancer or disorder and is highly likely that they've never treated someone after a BMT. There is no reason you'd be asked to discuss a DNR form with the GP and I'm sorry you've had the anxiety surrounding such a tricky situation.
    If you have any further questions don't hesitate to get in touch with us at patientinfo@anthonynolan.org
  • I think Chiara hit the nail on the head there when she said it could be the first time the GP had encountered a blood disorder. I know that in a follow up appointment with my GP over some repeat prescriptions my GP's knowledge of the process was limited and they asked several questions out of interest, which I was happy to answer if it helped them understand what I'd been through.

    I think my reaction would have been similar to yours if I'd been offered a DNR form!

  • Hi & thanks for your replies, yes I agree perhaps my GP is naive with regard to BMT treatment, I have since posting previously, spoken to the practice manager who said it was an initiative of the CCG & NHS England to ask all cancer patients, which again confirms this. Having said, I will be investigating this further. Thanks again Louise
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