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My son has had a shadow on his 9 month post transplant very worried

The doctor has said that it sometimes can happen if he has had a cold or infection. He has had colds or we think hayfever. Hes got to have another scan on 18th August.
The Consultant has said he is not worried and we should not either, he has had lymphoma which has come back 3 times now.
I just wondered if anyone has had the same thing happen on a scan?

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    Hi Crissy,

    It's not surprising that you're worried when your sons Lymphoma has previously come back three times, but hopefully your Consultant is right that it is nothing to worry about and it is something that will go. If he has had colds and possibly hayfever it may be linked to those as you say.

    Its not something I have experience of myself but hopefully someone might pick up on the post and put your mind to rest through a sharing their own experience with you.

    How is your son otherwise? At 9 months post transplant he is probably beginning to feel like he's getting back to normal?

    All the best,

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    Hi Crissy

    My name is Hayley and I am the nurse specialist in the patient experience team. Thanks for posting on the forum, as a mum your concerns are completely understandable but I think its very reassuring that your son's consultant is not concerned.

    In my experience it can be the case that if patients have infections and colds that this can be seen on a scan in a similar way to disease so its important to fully assess the cause. Often the best way is to wait and repeat the scan to assess if their is any change, if the scan is done to early the results can often be unhelpful and can cause more anxiety for you and your family. It sounds like your son is otherwise doing well so its important to not focus just on a scan, he doesn't sound like he is has any other worrying symptoms he is eating well, putting on weight and has had GVHD which are all good signs.

    I hope that others will post on here with similar experiences and words of support, please keep us updated and send my best wishes to your son.



  • Hi Dieseldrinker

    Thank you for your reply. My son has been so well for the past 6 months or so apart from very mild GVHD even now he is eating really well and putting on weight which he didnt when he had the Lymphoma even in the very beginning so hopefully it will be because of the cold. The Consultant said he wasnt worried as it does happen but us mums do worry its our job. I think its worse as it has come back a few times and he has got wait until 18th August for another scan!

    Hope you are well

  • Hi Hayley

    Many thanks for your reply it has helped. I did think as he is eating and not losing weight this was a good sign, but as you say as a mum I do worry espcially as it has come back 3 times before!
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