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Immunoglobulin treatment

Hi just wondering if anyone has had to have immunoglobulin ivs and what they are like/ any side effects. There is a possibility I might have to have them monthly for a while to prevent infection just waiting on blood results to see.

Best Answer

  • Hi Becky

    My name is Hayley and I am the nurse specialist in the patient experience team, thanks for posting on the forum.

    Administration of IVIG can be required for some patients to give the immune system a boost especially as we will soon be heading in to the colder months and some patients are at greater risk of infections especially ones like Para influenza and RSV. Not all patients need this but if your counts have taken a while to recover or if you have had a problem with on going or recurrent infections your consultant might decide this is necessary to protect you. Your blood result will show if your immunoglobulin level is low and if its actually needed.

    I am sure there are many patients that can offer to share their experiences but from my experience receiving IVIG is very straightforward and there are little side effects. You will receive it as an outpatient, the first dose might take a bit longer as they tend to administer this slowly to ensure no reactions but once this has been given subsequent doses are a bit quicker. Generally it is very well tolerated.

    I hope this has helped, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Hayley thanks for replying,
    Looking back at my notes i have had immunoglobulins before when having blood transfusions but I can not remember if there were any side effects lots going on at the same time, fingers crossed if I do need it there will be little or no side effects
    November will be a year since my transplant but neutrophil and a few other levels have taken a dip recently so may need DLI but can't have that whilst am still on cyclosporin. So its gcsf for now.
    Best wishes
  • Hi Becky,
    I was told today that I will need this to help get me through winter. My consultant made it sound easy-peasy and that I shouldn't expect any adverse side-effects and that it was a simple outpatient procedure.
    I'll update the post as and when I have it, if it is still useful to you at that point.
    Cheers, Greg
  • Hi all thanks for your replies, I had my immunoglobulin infusion this week. All went smoothly no side effects to speak of, it just took many hours!
  • Hi Becky,
    That's great - really pleased it went well and hope it does its job to keep those bugs at bay! I think I will get to hear next week if I have to have this so really good to hear that you found it ok.
    Many thanks, Greg
  • HI Becky

    Glad it all went well, the first infusion always takes a bit if time, hopefully the subsequent infusions will be a bit quicker!

    Best wishes
  • Hi Becky,
    It was confirmed today that I need to have IVIG. My consultant said it would be administered over 4 consecutive days - is that similar to what you had? It sounds more intensive that what I had imagined.
    Many thanks, Greg
  • Hi Greg
    My IVIG was 4 bottles continuously on the one day, maybe you need a more intensive treatment? my blood counts are going to be checked again in month to see if I will need the treatment every four weeks over the winter months or if a one off has done the trick.
    Good luck with your treatment hope it works for you
    best wishes
  • Thanks Becky, much appreciated. I guess i'll find out soon enough - thankfully there is a break for the weekend!
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