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Fungal infection on skin

Hello all,

I'm now 18 months post transplant and have generally been really well apart from some oral GvHD.

I developed a few small red spots on my face about 6 months ago. These have never gone away and over the past couple of months the skin around them has also become red. My clinic appointments are every 3 months at the moment so I haven't mentioned this to my transplant team but I shall run it past my consultant when I see him this week. I did however see my GP at the weekend and he diagnosed me as having very mild sebhorrheic dermatitis which is apparently caused by a yeast infection. He has prescribed me some topical antifugal medication but warned that this was very difficult to treat and likely to come back once I stop applying the cream. I was wondering if anyone else had suffered from this post transplant?



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    Hi Rob,

    I've had all sorts of minor skin issues since my transplant but they've all been put down to mild gvhd. I get red spots on the inside of my arms - in the elbow area, and on my thighs. They go away with application of the prescribed steroid cream. Also light rashes on neck and face which no-one except the transplant team ever notice. Also isolated areas of dry skin which can be itchy.

    I suppose it is possible that post transplant you may be more susceptible to fungal (yeast) infections.



  • Hi Rob,

    This isn't something I've suffered from particularly but I have noticed that my skin is more susceptible to spots than it used to be, less so on my face but more on my arms and legs. I'm not sure whether this is due to the skin GvHD I had and am now recovered from or whether it is a common thing post transplant.

    I seem to suffer from blocked skin pores which then develop into spots and no amount of bathing or showering seems to shift the blocked pores that cause the spots. The worst parts to suffer are my upper thighs, backs of my calves and my upper arms which I guess are softer and more fleshy.

    It's probably something completely different but I'd be interested to know if anyone else has suffered from skin conditions post transplant that didn't affect them previously?


  • Hi I am new to this forum but have suffered from the same patches post transplant for the last 5months and am only 10mths post transplant. They are annoying and seem to crop up just when I have a night out on my face! However, I have been reassured that they are intact a mild form of GVHD and thus a good sign..... Betnovate cream works wonders sometimes to stem the spread too.
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