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PATIENTS IN THE BIRMINGHAM AREA - Patients and Families Education Day Friday 17th March

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to let you know that we will be holding our next Patient and Families Education Day on 17th March in Birmingham city center.

The day is free and lunch will be provided.

It is a great opportunity for patients and their families to meet other patients, get practical advice on exercise and nutrition as well as taking part in workshops and exercises.

There will be lots of other talks and advice to be announced as we finalize the agenda for the day.

Here is some feedback from people who attended our last education day in Exeter:

' I was anxious about attending but really enjoyed meeting others who understand my experience, very valuable’

‘The team were very professional and empathetic. As a patient waiting to have a stem cell transplant, I found the seminar very informative and it was great to meet post transplant patients.’

‘I am the partner of a person waiting for stem cell transplant. I particularly valued this opportunity to be introduced to the notion of the procedure and listening to those who have been through it. Am probably at a stage where I am taking in the whole idea and therefore was extremely pleased to be part of the day. I did find it informative and introduced me to the staff that we are likely to see more of in the near future.’

‘Enjoyed this day Thank you Anthony Nolan Trust for putting it on. Actually I would have liked it much earlier - perhaps even prior to the transplant especially the session on the history of Stem Cell Transplants. My husband having been in an Isolation ward - as are the other transplant patients- we did not meet other patients and at clinic we did/do not see the same patients each time we go - so this meeting was very good: we were able to speak to the "faces"’

‘I really enjoyed my day at the Anthony Nolan Trust and it was really good to meet such wonderful, knowledgeable and supportive . The talk on nutrition and exercise were very helpful.’

If you'd like to register your interest please drop Maddy a message on patientinfo@anthonynolan.org with your name and the name of the family member or friend you'd like to attend with.

Our clinical nurse specialist Hayley will be organizing the day and she would love to meet as many of you as possible!

Best Wishes,



  • I'm hoping I can make it for the morning at least as I have a reunion in Leeds that night so will need to travel up North in the afternoon. It would be good to see a few faces from here and have a catch up in person, and of course to see the Anthony Nolan team. I'll check and let Maddy know.

    For anyone that hasn't been to one of these before it's not daunting and it's really useful to meet others going through what you are. The discussions are really helpful and there are plenty of opportunities during the day to speak to other patients and relatives about their experiences.

    I've been to one in Leicester previously and bumped into fellow patients who were treated at the same time as me and some of the medical staff who looked after me.

    I'll hopefully see a few of you there.

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