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Health insurance for travelling in Europe

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KW86 Total Reaction Points: 4
Any recommendations for travel insurance to cover a week's holiday in France at the end of August? It's for someone who is 4 years post-transplant. Many thanks!

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  • SuePSueP Total Reaction Points: 57
    Answer ✓
    It shouldn't be too much of an issues at this stage. I have had an annual travel insurance policy for Europe and the U.K. with the broker Insurance Choice (insurancechoice.co.uk) since I was approx 2 years post transplant. They specialise in customers with pre-existing medical conditions. I think I initially had to speak to an advisor. The excess I pay is quite reasonable.
    Good luck!


  • Meerkat Total Reaction Points: 7
    Hello. I was coincidentally looking at travel insurance yesterday for a European holiday later this year, when I will be 2 years post transplant. And becoming very demoralised at the quotes offered. However I requested a quote from Insurancewith.com, which was recommended on the Macmillan website. Their medical screening was much more relevant than the other sites I tried, with a number of questions about my current post-transplant position. The questions were very easy to answer. And they came up with a quote that was reasonable and very affordable. So very satisfied. And bearing in mind I haven't used them yet, some people may find them at least worth looking at.
  • KW86 Total Reaction Points: 4
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