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NicholaNichola Total Reaction Points: 11
edited June 2017 in General advice
Anyone having or had their 'baby jabs'... AGAIN??

I am almost 6 years post transplant and had a handful of vaccinations 2-3 years post transplant - and although they're a pain to have done, I didn't really batter an eye lid and had no side effects (thankfully).

It always amuses me having to explain to friends why I was having to have them done again, and the best explanation I could find was that all the jabs I'd had as a child had been wiped out during my treatment therefore my new immune system was simply like a new born baby that needed the immunisations again! I think they got it ;)

I don't know about you, but referring to myself as a baby can be entertaining but slightly alarming at times when I think about too much?... Did my previous 24 years never exist?
Atleast we get to celebrate our birthdays twice a year now ;) not only the Queen has that luxury!! Ha!

Anyhow, my point to starting this discussion was to see whether anyone else had ever experienced any side effects at all from their jabs/vaccinations?

Last week, I had my second dose of the MMR vaccination - (not usually recommended post transplant as it is 'live') however 5 years post transplant and they say your immune system should be strong enough to handle it and recommend it for those who are starting to think about having a family (...definitely a discussion for another time!)
But I am currently off sick from work feeling very sorry for myself, with fever, headaches, severe muscle ache from head to toe and a terrible sore throat! :(
I know you shouldn't, but yes, I've googled it and it does actually say fever and muscle ache can be a side effect to the jab in adults... but the way I feel now just makes me wonder, why did I even bother?! And how on earth do new born babies deal with this!?

I know health professionals would always recommend having these vaccinations - and from my past I will always listen to what they recommend! But if I'm blessed enough to have children one day, why would I want to put them through this?
Or is it worse because we're 'adults'... and oddly weaker that real newborn babies? Hmmm....

Thank you for listening and I'll look forward to hearing your thoughts and own jab experiences - or perhaps you're due to have them soon and have some questions that we could try and help with?

I'm off to dose up on the Lemsips!

Nichola x


  • greg777 Total Reaction Points: 81
    Hi Nichola,
    Hope you are feeling better today. Sorry I can't add anything re:MMR jabs, I am only 16 months post transplant so not had mine yet. Just wanted to say your post made me chuckle. When I had my first lot of jabs a few months ago, I caused all sorts of confusion at the GP when I turned up for my "childhood vaccinations" aged 38! I looked for sympathy from my wife until she pointed out my 3 year old son had only recently done his with no bother! And I didn't even get a well done sticker!
  • NicholaNichola Total Reaction Points: 11
    Hi Greg
    How are you doing?
    Thank you - I'm still off sick feeling sorry for myself (lol) but lots of sleeping and eating tubs of my fave ice cream that rhymes with Jen & Berries should do the trick ;)
    I totally know what you mean - I too had a very funny reaction from the GP reception ladies when I booked myself in for the jabs... last week they kept saying 'are you sure it's the MMR' jab you need? ...are you sure?' I wanted to say 'yes, I'm not asking to have it done for fun!!'
    Oh the joys of being 30, trapped in a 5 year old body...!
    I hope you're well Greg and your future jabs don't cause you any grief!
    Best wishes
  • Hayley_Anthony Nolan Hayley_Anthony Nolan Total Reaction Points: 78
    Hi Nichola

    Thanks for your post, your insight and comments are great. This is a really important subject that isn't discussed enough and vaccinations can sometimes get missed.
    I am sorry that you do not feel well, its not common to get such bad side effects but like any jabs there is always the potential. You should start to feel better soon but keep enjoying the ice cream until then.

    It can cause confusion with GP's when we ask patients to be re-vaccinated, sometimes the transplant centres send letters to GP's explaining why and a schedule of what is needed but not always. We always recommend having the vaccinations, especially the early inactive and yearly flu vaccinations. The 2 years live vaccinations like MMR again we recommend but it is personal choice, always discuss it with your GP or transplant team before deciding.

    Thanks again for this and I hope you feel better soon


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