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Menopause and HRT

hi all

Since my transplant I have developed menopause and my consultants will be starting HRT treatment soon, they have said any side effects are out weighed by the benefits as I have also developed osteopenia due to menopause and being on clexane injections.
Just wondering what if any side effects other people have had from HRT treatment?


  • Hi

    Like yourself as a result of the chemo I am now in the menopause and have osteopenia. I was recently prescribed HRT (femoston) and I have to say it's been wonderful. The symptoms of menopause have all disappeared, which I'm very pleased about. After all we have been through to then have your body go through menopause, especially if you are still taking medication and have GvHD it can be very depressing and hard to know what to attribute to menopause, medication or GvHD.

    Of course HRT like all medication it isn't without it's potential risks / side effects. I don't have any significant side effects to the HRT I'm taking. I have periods now and they are probably heavier than the periods I previously had but otherwise no issues. I don't have a history of breast cancer in my family and I do believe now a days they only advocate taking it for a few years where once women took it for years and years.

    Are you also on any supplements for the osteopenia? My GP has prescribed me a Vit D & calcium supplement which I take daily.

  • Hi Rachel

    Thank you for replying yes I too am on vitamin D and calcium, my periods stopped so not sure how that will play out, to be rid of some of the menopause symptoms would be great as you say with numerous other problems its just one more thing on that ever growing list! I am lucky that I did have time for fertility preservation treatment before my transplant so I have hope that in the future I may still be able to have children,
    How far are you post transplant? I will be two years in November but am currently having donor top ups
    Will get there in the end :)

    Best wishes
  • Hi Becky

    My periods also stopped, the HRT I'm on purposefully causes me to have them however I'm no doctor and I guess the choice of HRT drug depends on a number of factors.

    I am so relieved to not have menopause symptoms now. The symptoms really dragged me down emotionally, I just wasn't ready to deal with accepting that phase in life when I was still coming to terms with having had AML & then a transplant.

    August 2015 I had a transplant, sadly it didn't take so I had another Feb 2016, which did work. Sorry to hear you're having top ups, like you said you'll get.

    Rachel X
  • Just an update, I have started HRT treatment and have had no side effects so far, it has helped some of the menopause symptoms, my docs have gone with a gel and tablets :)
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