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Post transplant

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Allmount Total Reaction Points: 1
My husband had a stem cell transplant in March this year. Can anyone tell me how long, if a time limit can be put on it, it takes to become 100% donor? He has had a chimera blood test this week.


  • greg777 Total Reaction Points: 84
    Hi Allmount,
    I think it could be how long is a piece of string. I think it can vary. Indeed, i am 18 months post-transplant and not sure if I am. I wasn't at 12 months and I stopped asking after then. I think it is a good sign but I am living proof you don't need to get to 100% to be functional.
    Wishing you all the very best,
  • Allmount Total Reaction Points: 1
    Thank you Greg. Thought that might be the case! Haematology is so complicated.
  • Hayley_Anthony Nolan Hayley_Anthony Nolan Total Reaction Points: 79
    Hi, thanks for posting. I am the specialist nurse in the team at Anthony Nolan. As Greg says it varies between each patient how long it takes for the chimerism to increase, it can go even up and down for a bit and in some cases it might not quite reach 100%. Factors like if he is still on immunosuppression and if he has had GvHD will affect the chimerism. In terms of time, most transplant centres will monitor chimerism for up to 2 years but this can depend again on GvHD and if patients are still on immunosuppression. Your husband is still early so team will be keeping a very close eye on this and discuss any concerns with you so try not to worry.

    Best wishes
  • JosoapJosoap Total Reaction Points: 0
    Hi I would like to ask I’m nearly 2yrs post transplant and with a donor stem cell can there problems b passed on to me?
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