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Anthony Nolan Patient Champion of the Year

On behalf of everyone involved in this forum, I would like to congratulate Steve, aka Dieseldrinker, for receiving the above award last week. He works tirelessly as a Community Champion here, replying to virtually every post and even if he doesn't know an answer, he will do some research to help a patient.

There are recent two posts about him on the Anthony Nolan Patients and Familes Facebook Page.
Well done!


  • Hi Sue,

    Thanks very much for your kind words. It was a privilege to be part of the awards ceremony last week and be amongst so many people who do their bit to support Anthony Nolan in various ways. There were donors, patients, supporters, fundraisers, donor recruiters, journalists and MPs, all of whom do their bit to raise the profile of Anthony Nolan. I felt honoured to be recognised amongst such company for the small part that I play.

    It was great to see the likes of Emma Paine, who campaigned so hard for second transplants to be routine, having had two transplants herself. And little Ava Stark (who stole the show), whose campaign to find a donor I remember well. Having had a transplant aged just three it was great to see her looking so well just a year after her transplant.

    We all know how difficult it is going through a transplant so anything I can do as a patient champion to ease somebodys concerns or answer their queries is very worthwhile. I'm sure Sue that like me, you find it very rewarding helping others through their difficult time.

    I'll keep doing what I do as long as I can and feel proud to be able to help others and to have been recognised by Anthony Nolan. Thank you everyone and thank you Sue for your kind post.

    All the best,

  • Well done Steve, this is a very deserved award. Your constant support and insight in to the patient experience as well as your wise words of advice and encouragement are essential to this forum. So many patients and families have benefited from your contribution and you are a large part of why the forum is so successful and we now have more people posting and sharing, so thank you.

    Best wishes
  • Thank you Hayley. I think it’s the direct experience of the patients on here combined with the knowledge of you and the Anthony Nolan team here that makes this forum what it is. I’m just glad I’m able to help people in any way I can now that my recovery is complete and hopefully I can help get others to where I am now. I think there are many others here who offer just as much support as I do and between us we all work together to help patients get through their transplants.

    I look forward to many more posts that I hope offer comfort to others. In the four years I’ve done this I’ve seen the forum grow and strengthen and I think it’s a fantastic resource for patients and their families.


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