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Chicken Pox

Sorry - wasn't sure which category is correct but as I am 100+ days.....

Probably a very daft question - and I'm not too worried - more curious really.

My boss's children have all come down with chicken pox but he's had chicken pox himself so little chance he'll catch it. Boss sits right next to me - is there any chance he could inadvertently spread the pox germs to me?


  • Hi

    After my first transplant I was potentially exposed to Chicken Pox and my medical team took it very seriously when I informed them. My advise to you would be to inform your medical team asap and then if they feel it's not an issue your mind is a rest and if it could be an issue you may well have to go and have the vaccine.

    Best Wishes

  • Hi

    I am the nurse specialist in patient services, thanks for posting. As you have not been directly exposed then I do think it is unlikely that you will catch chicken pox but I do agree with Rachel in that its best to speak to your transplant team and get their advice. It will depend on how far out of transplant you are, so for example if you are still on Acyclovir you will have some protection against viruses like chicken pox. For reassurance give your transplant team a call and they will advise.

    Best wishes
  • I’m trying to think back now as I seem to remember a similar situation in the early days after my transplant. If I remember right the brother of one of my sons friends had chicken pox and we were concerned that it could get back to me.

    I remember asking my medical team at the time and they did say that if I’d already had chicken pox earlier in my life, the resistance to getting it again would still be there, even though my immune system had been restarted. They still advised to avoid direct contact which I wouldn’t have encountered anyway, but they saw the risk of the virus being carried back to me being minimal, particularly as my boys had also had chicken pox when they were younger.

    Like Rachel and Hayley have already said, probably best to check with your transplant team and double check.

    All the best,

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