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Weight loss and no appetite

Hello. I'm new here. My mom had a transplant in January 2018. She is doing ok. Main problem is nausea and havinh no appetite. The thought of food makes her gag. She is trying to eat as well as drink boost. She is down to 100 pounds now. Seems so weak. If she doesn't gain weight soon they are probably putting a feeding tube in. Does anyone have any ideas or info for gaining weight or appetite? Thank you julie


  • Hi Julsey,

    I struggled after my transplant with my appetite and weight loss. I lost three stones during the course of my treatment and it took a long time to get that weight back (though I confess I eventually did and more!). For a long time I lived off nutritional shakes (made with a dollop of ice cream) and soups but I also had the threat of a feeding tube and to be honest, avoiding that was probably the greatest motivation I had.

    What actually got my appetite back eventually was the onset of GvHD which prompted my medical team to start me on a high dose of steroids which in turn made me hungry. I soon started gaining weight which enabled me to start getting some strength back.

    It's really difficult post treatment and transplant as things taste different in the early days and things you used to like taste repulsive. I guess it's a case of keep trying different things to find something she likes and can tolerate. If she can eat little and often rather than sticking to meal times and trying to eat a lot of food it may help, so it might be worth finding things she can nibble during the course of the day?

    I had my transplant back in January 2013 and eventually started eating properly again in around May that year, so not as long as your mum.

    Keep persevering and try different things. If she can tolerate the shakes and soups they will give her some good nutrition but if she can supplement those with other things taken in small amounts it may help.

    Please let us know how she gets on.

    Best wishes,

  • Julsey

    i'm very sorry to hear about the weight loss and appetite issues, your mother is experiencing.

    Steve has some very good advice, i personally didn't experience a loss of weight or appetite. I was very mindful of the doctors continual threats of feeding tubes to patients. As a result i continually munched foods which were rich in calories, i'd suggest little and often. Full fat yoghurt, chocolate, dried fruit and as Steve mentioned there are a number of calorie rich supplement drinks or you could make your own using ice cream and full fat yoghurts.

    Keep experimenting until you find a food / liquid which your mother than tolerate.

    Best Wishes

  • Steve and Rachel thank you so much for your advice. I really appreciate it. Julie
  • My appetite recovered a couple of weeks after transplant. However a friend of mine had a feeding tube in for around 9 months post transplant due to lack of appetite. She has just had it removed. Not pleasant but it has served it's purpose and stopped her from losing more weight as she was extremely thin. I lost around a stone myself which continued after my transplant due to lack of appetite. After a month or so I started gaining weight otherwise I would have probably needed one as well. My friend is doing really well now and can now work the feed drip with her eyes closed!
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