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Hello all,
Just a quick note to introduce myself !
Garrie's the name !
I was diagnosed with APL leukaemia April 2013.
After two relapses & two stem cell transplants I'm still about thanks to my American donor,God
Bless her and Anthony Nolan .
I feel I need to give something back, so if you need to have a chat, feel free to contact me .
Keep positive people what ever stage you're at.
Peace & love to you all


  • Hi Garrie and welcome to the forum. I'm Steve and I'm one of the online community champions. I'm a transplant recipient myself for ALL and had my transplant in January 2013.

    We have patients and relatives of patients here at various stages of transplant and for all sorts of conditions. Whilst we all experience transplants slightly differently, the process is much the same for us all so I'm sure you will be able to help somebody with your own experiences.

    The one thing I've noticed on the forum is that when somebody posts about something they feel is happening to them is unusual, invariably it has happened to somebody else before. When they hear that they are not alone and that somebody else has been affected the same way and overcome the issue, it can be very reassuring to them.

    Please have a browse around and chip in wherever you can. We're a supportive bunch here, helping each other through tough times, so an extra supportive, reassuring voice is always welcome. We look forward to hearing more from you.

    Kind regards,

  • Hello Garrie

    I'm an online community champion, i was diagnosed with AML in 2015 and underwent two transplants (2015 & 2016)

    I'm sure you have oddles of valuable experience to bring to the forum so don't hesitate to comment and open up chats.


    Best Wishes

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