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Week Ahead

Just thought I would share with you a couple of things I'm doing this next week.

On Wednesday we have been invited to a Preview of a new £12 million Haematology Transplant Unit and Young Oncology Unit at The Christie Manchester. The new units will be up and running in a few weeks.
I have seen images of them and they look great and should provide first class facilities for patients and staff.
The 2 storey development has been built above the existing HTU without too much disturbance and work had just started when I had my transplant.
Each department has a floor each with accommodation in HTU for about 31 patients.
Looking forward to going and meeting some of the charity sponsors who have helped to make it possible.

At weekend we travel south to London to watch The London Marathon, we are actually going to support one of my son's who is running in the marathon as a member of the Anthony Nolan Team.

It's his way of saying thank you to Anthony Nolan and raising some money for them.
We are very proud of him and are looking forward to our visit and a few days away.

Anthony Nolan is the main charity for this year's event, their web pages give lots of information on it, they have a number of viewing places along the route for people to give support. It should be a really good day, looking forward to it, just sorry I can't take part in the running!



  • Hi Petervee
    What a wonderful week! We are all so excited about marathon day and I'm sure it will be extra special seeing your son run in our 'colours'!!
    Some colleagues are also heading to the Christie on Wednesday so I'm sure it will be a good do.
    I'll be at the finish line and at the post race reception so I'll maybe see you there?
  • Sounds great Peter. It's good to see new facilities being created to treat cancer and as a person who normally helps build new hospitals, I'd love to look round the new unit. Please tell us more after you've been.

    The marathon should be great and I hope it promotes awareness of the register and more people are prompted to sign up.

    Good luck to your son and to all others running at the weekend.

  • Hi Steve and Peter, we're really looking forward to the marathon on Sunday too. We've got some really exciting plans for our Twitter and Facebook sites - hope you can tune-in. And like you say Steve, we think it's really going to increase awareness about the register!
  • Hi Steve
    Visited the new HTU and Young oncology unit on Thursday. A really impressive build, lots of light, lime greens and shades of purple.
    The first floor accommodation is all off a 100 metre corridor with a nursing station in the middle, 31 patient, visitor rooms kitchen etc. All patient rooms ensuite wet rooms, a magnetic wall to affix photos and pics, double glazing with built in blinds, intercoms, buzzer with choice to call nurse or housekeeping staff for a drink etc. There are even sensors built into some of the room that alert staff if a patient falls to the floor and cannot get up.
    The young oncology section has rooms with drop down beds for parents to stay over night plus there are other rooms for family to stay all with ensuite and kitchen facilities.
    Also for the youngsters is a gym, music room with instruments, chill out areas with desktop pcs and even a digital juke box.
    There are some images on the Christie web.
    The old HTU was built some 30 years ago so as you will know the improvements are vast, big emphasis on the HEPA rooms.
    A full deep clean gets underway next week and will take about a month before patients move in. It is sure to make new patients stay a lot more comfortable and a better place for staff. Their accommodation is good too with even a rooftop terrace if they get time to use it! All in all £12 million well spent with a huge £10 million coming from charity donations.

    Watching the Marathon was a great experience, there were hundreds of runners representing Anthony Nolan. I visited the A N post run venue where staff looked after all the runners with refreshments and a massage. Visitors were also made very welcome. I was pleased to meet staff from Anthony Nolan.

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