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Does anyone know of any available trials for Multiple Myeloma as an option?

edited October 2018 in Long-term recovery
Hi there, I was diagnosed last November and had 5 rounds of chemo which did bring my bloods down to an acceptable level. However, my para protein has been creeping back up and have been told when it goes into double figures I will need the transplant.
Since my last cycle back in April I have changed my diet and added several supplements aimed at putting my Multiple Myeloma into remission. I have always been health conscious therefore it was a challenging time for me having to accept prescription tablets and fluids to bring my cancer under control. That is why I would appreciate advice this time around regarding the stem cell transplant (I had my stem cells collected several months back 'just in case' but never thought for a minute that I would need to make that decision quite so soon).
Being me, id naturally prefer something not as intrusive as unfortunately my body didn’t take too kindly to the treatments I was previously given. I have heard there are various trials going on all over the world therefore would appreciate any suggestions or of course anyone else’s point of view.

Thank you kindly for your time.


  • Hi Polly,
    I was wondering if you have tried Myeloma UK? They may have some information regarding current myeloma trials. I went straight in to the transplant process as I was relatively young for myeloma on diagnosis (36) and it was thought to be the best chance for a long term remission, but I can understand your desire to pursue options to avoid it. It can be a tough procedure and you will get high doses of chemo. However, having said that, I was pretty much recovered from the auto in a couple of months, which to me was an ok price to pay.
    Wishing you all the best,
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