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Day 1 Lymphocyte donation

Hi all

Just a quick post to let everyone know i've completed day 1 of my 2 day lymphocyte donation for my brother who has Acute Undiffrentated Lukemia and im pleased to say it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. I donor tomorrow and then start my 4 day injections for stem cell donation on Monday and Tuesday (21/22) He's currently day 3 of 4 of TBI. Does anyone on here have experiance of the GCSF injections? i have a 6month old and a 5yr old and just wondering if it will effect my ability to look after them at all?

Thanks in advance.



  • Dannii

    Firstly, what a fantastic thing you’re doing for your brother, I wish him all the best with his treatment. My only experience of GCSF was after my own transplant to stimulate the new cells so I’m afraid I haven’t experienced them as a fit and healthy person. However my understanding is that at worst it should be a mild ache in some bones and not something that should adversely affect you looking after your own children at all. I certainly wasn’t aware of any particular side effects from them when I had them.

    Hope it all goes well

  • Hi Danni,

    I have had GCSF injections twice for stem cell harvests in the course of my treatments. Like Tony, this was when I wasn't in the best of health but all I can remember is a slight ache and a feeling of pressure in the long bones.

    I received a double cord blood transplant for non Hodgkin's lymphoma five years ago as a donor match could not be found. Haplo transplants weren't around then but my team have told me that if I needed the transplant now, my daughters would be tested as the results with Haplos are so good.

    With very best wishes to you and your brother.
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