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Haplo SCT for B-cell ALL

Good Day:
This is my second post intended to gain some insight from others so I can assist my son Diego (23) in this tough journey. My son is in CR after completing a ~80 days regime of chemo and due to the High Risk profile when diagnosed (ALL B-Cell type) he needs to have a transplant to minimise the likelihood of relapse. Unfortunately the two registered full matches in Brazil have not responded yet to the call from Australia and the doctors will proceed in about one month with a 50% match from one of his siblings. Please send me your comments for this type of transplant if your leukemia type (in terms of risk and classification) is similar to Diego's. I am very interested to understand the complications if any, the preparation you followed and the time you spent for full recovery after your transplant. Many thanks.


  • Hi
    Thanks again for posting, I am glad that Diego has responded well to his treatment and is in CR. It appears that you have a plan to go ahead with the transplant soon so being prepared for what to expect is very sensible.

    I hope you were able to have a look at some of the links I included in the last post and they were helpful. The videos especially are from patients experience of transplant. Generally speaking in between his treatment and transplant his main focus should be keeping well through eating well and maintaining his fitness. Without knowing how he has coped with the treatment so far, lose of appetite and fatigue can be a problem after transplant so trying to address that now helps in the long run. Again there is information on our website but you should discuss what Diego can do with his transplant team. The inpatient stay will be quite similar to when he had his chemotherapy in terms of side effects like nausea, infections etc. Post transplant his recovery will be a bit slower than previously and as his new immune system is growing he will be at risk of infections and graft versus host disease (GvHD), again there is a good information on our website about GvHD

    I am sorry its general but without knowing Diego its difficult to be specific. Have you asked if there is anyone that his transplant team knows who has had a transplant that he or you can have a chat with? I am sure someone from the forum will post and share there experience with you even if there diagnosis is not exactly the same.

    Keep in touch and let ys know how Diego progresses with the transplant.

    Best wishes

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