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Patient and donor meeting

Hi everyone,
My name’s Amy and I’m the Patient and Family Officer at Anthony Nolan. I thought you would be interested to see this story about Johnny, who had a transplant two years ago, and his donor Sean. They met for the first time in February and ran the marathon together last weekend. We’re so glad to see Johnny looking so healthy after his transplant and Sean talking about how simple the donation experience was. It might be interesting if you have thought about the possibility of writing to or meeting your donor - everyone feels differently about this and it’s a very personal thing.
You can read more about their story and watch their video here:
Let me know what you think,


  • Hi Amy

    This is a great story and it's fantastic that they got together for the Marathon.
    I'm pleased that Johnny looks so well. It was really good that Sean took part and also made that first step to be a donor. Well done to both.
    I'm sure this story will encourage more donors to sign up.

    I'm a recipient and communicate anonymously with my donor. My 2 years post transplant is at the end of May this year.
    I would like to communicate personally with my donor just to say thank you. I think it's an amazing thing that he, Sean and many others have done and it can make such a difference to people like Johnny and me.

    I know I'm a lot older than my donor so I'm afraid a marathon run is out of the question. I have signed up to a 5 mile sponsored walk in June for my Transplant Unit so maybe I should offer my donor a challenge to join me!

  • Hi Peter,

    I'm glad you enjoyed Johnny and Sean's story - lots of people went to our website to register as a donor after seeing it, which is fantastic news. As Sean said, he didn't realise how something as simple as donating could make such a big difference.

    It's really great to hear about your experience - I think a lot of recipients are keen to say thank you to their donors though it is sometimes difficult to know where to start.

    A sponsored walk in June sounds perfect - let us know how your plans go!

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