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Chimerism and Neutrophils Down what is going on?

just wondering if anyone had any experience of the following.
My husband had transplant 15 Feb 2019 now on day 172. He had AML & ALL diagnosed 5 Sept 18.
Everything was going well, but his chimerism has been dropping, (40%) now neutrophils have started dropping. He had bone marrow taken no Leukaemia seen. Consultants wanted to do top up DLI.
No virus seen in blood. He is off all cyclosporine
I have been giving the injections in his stomach every other day his neutrophils did go up. Consultants then wanted to hold off DLI as they thought Donor might be coming through, so injections were stopped. But neutrophils have dropped again and chimerism has gone up to 45%%. ??He currently has horrendous mouth ulcers and white coating of the tongue can’t talk, but no bacteria found so I’m thinking GVHD. Has anyone had this experience we just can’t move forward. Many Thanks
2 Aug
WBC 1.7
RBC 3.6
Neutrophils 1.0


  • Hi Kerwayn,

    Thank you for posting. I’m Tom, in the Patient Services team here at Anthony Nolan.

    I’m sorry to hear that your husband’s recovery is causing you concern. Recovery can be a bit up and down at first, which I know cannot be easy.

    Patients do often tell us that their counts fluctuate like this during their recovery, and anything like a mild infection or a virus can bring about a temporary change.

    It is also positive that your husband’s chimerism has gone up, that’s good news.

    Your husband’s transplant team will be keeping a close eye on all his counts, and they will let you know if they have any concerns.

    However please do not feel you have to wait for your next appointment. Contact his transplant team with any concerns or questions you or your husband have about his recovery, and they will be able to address them directly.

    Please do keep us updated on his progress.

    All the best,


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