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travel insurance

we are looking to book a long haul holiday, any recommendations for travel insurance please


  • Hi Louise,

    I haven’t used travel insurance for a long haul holiday to date, but did use travel insurance for a trip of a few days to Europe. For that I used Staysure and there was something in their condition# about pre existing conditions for which I’d had medical treatment. However they would only not provide cover if that condition had been within the last 2 years and that any treatment that resulted from the cover related to that condition. As I was 4 years post transplant at the time this did not affect the cover.

    I guess it’s dependent on the time after transplant and shopping around to find the right cover.

    Hope this helps but hopefully others may have other experiences or be able to make recommendations.

    All the best,


  • Louise
    I’ve used Insure and Go for three long haul and hence pretty expensive holidays since my transplant in 2014.
    I found them really helpful and I’d recommend phoning as the website doesn’t recognise all the various illnesses that can lead to a transplant.
    I thought I’d be faced with a long interrogation about the transplant but essentially they want to know three things only.
    White blood cell count, haemoglobin, and platelets so if you call have your latest readings to hand.
    Provided these are within their preset limits you get a quote.
    The quote obviously depends on the cost of the holiday and hence the potential payout if you need to cancel. They calculate on a per person basis so when they ask the cost of the holiday tell them per person not the total cost for your whole family, a mistake I made before realising why the quote was very high.
    They email the quote with all the TandCs so you can check it carefully before finally committing.
    Thankfully I haven’t had to make a claim so can’t comment on this aspect of their business.

  • There was a previous thread on this subject.


    A friend of mine in remission from lymphoma tried InsureWith after being quoted £800 for travel insurance for a Caribbean cruise. He was asked a lot of questions in regard to his health (I don't know the specifics) and was quoted £250. Still very expensive but getting closer to reasonable.

    I hope that is of some use.

  • thanks everyone for taking time to reply, I have got travel insurance sorted now, the information that you shared was very useful.

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