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Campaign for medical staff to introduce themselves- what do you think?

Hi all! This is a really interesting campaign, led by a terminally ill doctor, which looks at how important it is for medical staff to introduce themselves... Have a look. What do you think and what are your experiences?



  • My own experience was that all medical staff (without exception I think) always introduced themselves appropriately and told me what part they played in the team. I know a lot of people complain about the NHS and its staff but personally I had the best care I could ever wish for. Perhaps there's something about caring for people with cancer that brings out the best in the medical profession. I always felt that I was treated with care, compassion, dignity and very professionally.
  • Yes, generally I totally agree! My daughter was always introduced by name and made to feel involved and cared for brilliantly. There was only one occasion when a nurse didn't introduce herself by name and actually it did make a huge difference and highlighted the need to do so. But in general I think this is a problem that's already been solved- or perhaps we've been lucky in our local hospitals!
  • I've been generally pretty lucky, too (though it's sounding as though a positive experience may actually be the norm, at least among forum-ites here), although it's been a bit less clear-cut as time has gone by... Last night a healthcare assistant came in and said she recognised me (I recognised her, too) from my inpatient stay back in November, but I couldn't remember her name until I managed to sneak a peek at her badge. It does make a huge difference, but sometimes after you've been 'in' for a long time, some staff can take for granted that you remember exactly who they all are and what they're there to do. Far better was the doctor the other day: "Hi George, I don't know if you remember me, but I'm Lizzie, one of the haematology registrars; we met when I was on call on the ward one weekend..."
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