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possible lymphoblastic Lymphoma

Hi all

I was on here last week regarding my brother, Today is his 1 year anniversary and today he's had his bone marrow checked. Following a CT scan last week the docs are sending him for a biopsy and PET scan due to either a mass or a active enlarged Thymus Gland, they cant be certain but they've mentioned Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. He's original diagnosis 18 months ago was Acute undifferentiated Leukaemia.

Does anyone have any experiance of this? Seems my brother attracts very rare cancers?!


  • Hi Dannii,

    Thank you for the updating. I am sorry that you are still no clearer to the cause of the mass, it must be a worrying time for you all.

    Lymphoblastic lymphoma is similar to acute leukaemia and the only way to get a full picture and diagnoses is to have a BM, biopsy and PET scan. People can develop other types of cancers following a stem cell transplant although it's not that common, the tests that your brother is having can also rule out cancers and help diagnose other causes. His recovery has gone well and he has had some GvHD which are positives.

    I realise that until you know the results there will be very little that will alleviate your concerns, I hope that someone on the forum can share their experience and offer some support. You are also very welcome to call patient services if you do want to talk or have any questions 0303 303 0303.

    Please keep us updated

    Best wishes

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