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Hello everyone, just wondering if any of you have some tips for unrelenting nausea? My son has had a rocky time and eating and drinking has been very difficult. He has recently had various admissions for infections and fluid, but is still really struggling. None of the drugs seem to help, though he has tried various combinations.

Many thanks.


  • Hi there,

    I'm sorry to hear that your son is struggling with nausea, it felt like it went on forever for me too.

    What eventually conquered it for me was being put on steroids (Prednisolone) when my GvHD started. I was put on the highest dose they could which had a slight effect on my GvHD but gave me my appetite back which really made a difference to my physical recovery. Getting my appetite back, I was finally able to eat and drink properly and gain some weight, which in turn helped me regain some energy and fitness.

    It also happened really quickly. Within a week of being put on the steroids I had gained enough strength to go for short walks. Without the steroids I'm not sure how much longer I'd have struggled to eat normally.

    We're all different though, and I'm sure others will have found different ways of kick starting their recovery and I hope they share those with you so that you can find something that helps your son.

    I know he was struggling from your previous post but this wont be helping I'm sure. How is he feeling at the moment?


  • Hello Steve, thanks for your reply. He just doesn't feel very well, I'm afraid, but since I posted has been able to get a little food down and keep it there, though I am still really worried that he isn't able to have the nutrition he needs to recover. The hospital recommend NG but he has refused after some horrible experiences. Whilst I understand his point of view, I still wish he would try again.

    Steroids were marvellous at stopping the nausea for him, too. But they have given him long term complications, so aren't an option at present.

    To be honest, I think it's probably the regime of drugs which is making him feel so sick. Ive read all the leaflets again and have tried to spread them out at bit more, to make sure they don't all land in his stomach at once. When he does manage to eat, he is noticeably brighter, but it's really hard to maintain any forward progress, and no prospect of reducing the drugs for a long time yet. We have worked out, though, that the nausea is worse with an empty stomach.

    An increase in pain medication this week has left him sleeping a lot, which reduces the available hours for feeding/ drinking, but has given him some time off the nausea. He has been enjoying his audio books.

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