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Music - "Isn’t life strange? A musical interlude"

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Hi everyone,

We really enjoyed this blog post about music from George who had a transplant a month ago. He recently came across some old Spotify playlists which now seem pertinent. Did you listen to music during your transplant? Are there any songs that you now relate to more?




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    Hi Amy – glad you enjoyed the post!

    I've always found that music's been great when in hospital, particularly when you just feel too tired to do anything more active. I'm always looking for great new music, both for closing your eyes and drifting off (The National is my favourite right now) and for getting you out of bed and dancing around your room until the nurses start looking at you funnily...

    Getting lost in music is a great pleasure; what can be wrong with life when you have a fabulous song soaking into your brain and your soul?!

  • This post made me smile- when Issy was in isolation she listened to a lot of P!nk. She wasn't a girly girl at all but loved the music and the attitude! I think it helped massively. George- if you're a bit of a muso, tried Blitzen Trapper, Mountain Goats and Gogol Bordello? Awesome tunes! Hope you're doing well x
  • I listened to a lot of music whilst I was in hospital. I found it relaxing just to plug my headphones in, shut out the noises of the ward and chill out. It usually sent me to sleep and may was the time I found myself being woken by a nurse or doctor who needed to speak to me or check something.

    One song that sticks in my memory is 'What a wonderful world' by Louis Armstrong. The morning after I'd been told I was seriously ill, but before I found out I had Leukaemia, it was playing on my bedside radio at home and I found myself in floods of tears. At that stage I didn't know what was wrong with me and my GP had told me to 'expect the worst'. The words really hit me as I honestly thought I was going to die and that I wouldn't see this wonderful world for much longer.

    Nearly two years later I'm pleased to say I'm still here but each time I hear that song I think back to that dreadful morning and realise how far I've come since then.

  • It's funny isn't it, how music and even smells can just transport you back to a different time and place! Glad to hear you're doing well...
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