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Heat intolerance

I’ve been thinking of asking about this for several weeks. In many ways I’m aware that this is a very trivial issue, but I wonder if any other post-SCT people struggle In this weather with significant symptoms of over-heating. I have never been a sun-worshipper, and if at home then I just stay indoors. But walking outdoors is becoming more and more of a challenge, when it is sunny and warm. And particularly when walking uphill. I wonder if this is just an ‘age thing’, as I am in my mid 60’s, or whether this may be secondary to the AML/SCT treatment. Does anyone else suffer like me?
Thank you in advance for any comments.

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    Hi Meercat.

    I think heat definitely affects me so maybe it is related to my transplant. At 53 I’m slightly younger than you, but I do find that if I’m out in full sun doing anything particularly strenuous I get tired very quickly. In fact when I’m just out in the sun I sometimes feel as if it’s sapping the energy from me.

    Like you I’ve never really been a sun worshipper, and actually tend to avoid it due to being fair skinned, but I’ve definitely noticed a change since my transplant so I can’t help but associate the two. By my own admission I’ve put weight on since my recovery and before lockdown was making a good effort to lose weight. Unfortunately that good work has been lost having spent the last few months working from home with nibbles being all too available and a general lack of exercise. When things get back to normal I intend to get back on the diet and take up more exercise and see if that improves my tolerance to being out in the sun.

    I’m interested to know whether this is something other transplant patients feel too as it’s also something I’ve wondered about for a while myself.

    Great question and I look forward to hearing from others.


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