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Dropping chimerism

My husband is 10 months post transplant and his most recent chimerism test (July) shows it has dropped from 97% to 77% his blood results are all in the normal range though. Is this to be expected? A DLI has been suggested and in the meantime we are to reduce is tacrolimus. I'm just really shocked as he was doing so well. The consultant he saw today was a bit vague about the significance if it all.

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    Hi Eliza and thanks for posting.

    I'm one of the online community champions here on the forum and a transplant patient myself. I'm sorry to hear that your husbands chimerism has dropped and can appreciate how worrying that must be for you both. I have seen other patients here on the forum who've had similar experiences so I don't think it's unheard of and can be for a variety of reasons.

    It's encouraging that your husbands other blood results appear normal which is hopefully a sign that his bone marrow is doing what it's supposed to. The key thing is that his consultant is aware and that they can monitor the situation and perhaps carry out further tests. It's possible that they may appear vague because they know that it can happen and are relaxed about it, but to you it does sound shocking.

    As you note a Donor Lymphocyte Infusion (DLI) has been mentioned which is to give him a boost of cells if he needs it, so it does show that they are considering options if it doesn't pick up, or continues to decline.

    I hope this helps. I can only speak from my experience so can't give medical advice, but hopefully your husbands medical team will be monitoring the situation closely and will give you details of any actions they might take.

    Best wishes,


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