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Covid booster

Hi had anyone been sent a letter on when they will have their third booster. I had no antibodys shown up in the last 2 vaccinations. Very keen to get this.



  • Hi Laulau, from what I've seen in the media it seems to be early days as far as booster vaccinations are concerned and I guess like the initial vaccinations it will be a progressive process where we will be contacted when they are ready for us to have the boosters. It's good to see that immunosupressed blood cancer patients have been recognised as a priority group and that they should be one of the early group to be contacted.

    As a longer term 'survivor' I was still put onto the clinically extremely vulnerable list but I saw that it has now been taken down and left up to individual GP's. It will be interesting to see when my GP or the NHS contacts me to arrange my booster jab. I'm hoping it will be arranged in conjunction with my regular annual flu jab which is probably due soon.

    For me, life has more or less returned to normal and whilst I am still slightly nervous inside, I am trying to go about my life as normal and have returned to work full time in a busy office. I went on a short rugby tour a couple of weeks ago, travelled on a coach with 30-40 people, shared a hotel room with 3 other tourists, and socialised in the rugby club, pubs and clubs after the game. I felt confident and safe throughout it all but continue to be cautious about the space I give myself when around other people. But my transplant was over 8 years ago and my immune system has now had a long time to recover. I realise there are many people out there who are much more recent transplantees or are currently going through treatment, and having been in that position myself I can understand their concerns.

    I'm still waiting for my regular late effects test to be arranged and am hoping that an antibody test can be carried out at the same time so that I can understand what sort of resistance I do have, if any. In the meantime, I hope for all our sakes that the booster jabs are rolled out as quickly and efficiently as the first and second vaccinations were, and that you and the other patients out there that feel nervous get appointments quickly.

    All the best,


  • Hi Laulau1
    I wondered if you have you heard anything yet?
    I have seen that the NHS are supposed to have written to all GP’s on the 13th September. I have not heard anything so spoke to my GP’s receptionist today. I am fortunate that they are brilliant. She told me to call 119 which I did and spoke to someone very helpful who explained that if you had a stem cell transplant in the last 2 years so are due a third vaccine, not a booster.
    The third vaccine MUST be arranged by the GP, it cannot be arrange online or by calling 119.
    I then spoke again to my GP’s receptionist who knew nothing about this. She is going to check on Monday and call me so will update then.
    I have also had conflicting advice on how soon I can have a third vaccine after flu (same time or 7 days and after the “childhood” vaccines in need (straight away or 30 days).
    Just wondered what anyone else’s experience is?

  • Hi Peter

    Yes not sure what happened there’s seems to be a lot of confusion.

    I received a link available on blood cancer uk site which states the immunocompromised to have a third dose 8 weeks after the second dose. I couldn’t copy the link but it has a letter attached which blood cancer uk advised some have found useful passing on to their gp.

    I also called 119 and they said they couldn’t help me as I wasn’t on the list so I’m really glad you were able to speak to someone bit more knowledgable. My doctors said I had to wait six months from my 2nd jab which isn’t the case in my situation.

    If you are eligible for a booster (half dose) you do wait still six months after 2nd vaccination. If eligible for third dose your doctor or consultant should be able to help you sooner.

    This is the JCV guidance dated 3rd September. Page 20 I think is one to look at and to show to your GP. I spoke to my hospital who are treating me in recovery and they wrote to my GP to advise I was due for third vaccine now. Unfortunately my GP advised they weren’t arranging the vaccines and I had to wait till six months were up. So confusing.

    I contacted my hospital again. I spoke to my specialist nurse who spoke to my consultant and arranged for me to have this week at the hospital who just started the vaccinations. I had Pfizer and had few flu like symptoms for first 24hrs. If you don’t get anywhere with your GP ask at your hospital.

    I hope this helps

    Lau lau

  • I just received a text to get flu vaccine and just started my child hood vaccinations so haven’t booked in yet. Let me know how you get on and anyone else experiences. I hope you get your third covid jab soon

  • Hi Laulau1,

    There is confusion around the 3rd vaccine dose, so hopefully this information will help:

    Anyone whose immune system was severely suppressed at the time they were vaccinated may also be offered a 3rd dose of COVID-19 vaccine. This includes anyone who had a stem cell transplant within the past 2 years.

    Your hospital team or GP will invite you for a 3rd dose if you are eligible for one.

    As you say Laulau1, you will be offered your 3rd vaccine dose at least 8 weeks after your 2nd dose.

    All eligible patients are due to be invited for a 3rd dose by 11th October, so if you have not been offered a 3rd dose by that date we recommend you contact your hospital team or GP.

    I hope this helps. We'll continue to update our Covid page with any further info: www.anthonynolan.org/covid

    And please feel free to call our helpline anytime if we can help any further: 0303 303 0303.

    All the best,


  • Hi

    I just received text inviting me for third dose from the Marsden so hopefully others will hear soon


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