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4th covid dose


I hope you are all doing okay. Its really great news to hear their finally doing a fourth dose to immuno compromised 3 months post 3rd primary dose which technically will be my second dose. I had 2 negative antibody results after first 2 covid vaccinations. I now have a positive antibody test finally from my third vaccination of Pfizer.

I took a private antibody test couple of weeks after my third vaccination as I was debating whether it was safe to attend a family wedding or not which gave me a numerical result but.no idea how to quantity or what it means to be lower or higher.

I did go on the advice from my consultant for a short time took my mask and remained outside apart from the ceremony. They had the doors open so ventilation was in place. I was nervous as there was 50 people there. I sat right at the back.

I am positive for antibodies and hopefully with a fourth dose will receive full protection.

Take care and happy holidays to you all



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    Hi Laulau,

    I recently had my 3rd dose, which according to the NHS app was a booster in my case. Apart from a really painful arm for a day and a half I had no adverse effects. I'm now nearly 9 years post transplant, so classed as a long term survivor now. As I am not on immunosupression or undergoing any active treatment I probably won't get a 4th dose.

    I haven't had an antibody test, but I would be interested to have one and see whether I have any immunity. Bearing in mind I've been working in an open plan office with around 60 people since restrictions eased, several of whom have tested positive, I'm amazed I've escaped infection to date.

    Like us all, I've been sensible about how close I get to people and avoiding spending time in small rooms occupied by several people. Despite being in the office, many meetings are still conducted over Microsoft teams which allows me the opportunity to stay around my own workspace, which is next to an external window allowing fresh air ventilation.

    I have to say with the new strains starting to circulate I will be increasing my percautions and extending the distance I already maintain from people and where necessary will resume wearing a mask. I am probably slightly more relaxed about infection than those of you who had transplants more recently and I can relate to the concerns you all have. It is nervous times for us all, and the development of these new strains is a cause of concern for us all.

    Just when we thought we could see the light at the end of the tunnel!

    Take care,


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