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Childhood vaccination side effects

Hi - I've just been told I can start having my childhood vaccinations (I'm 17 months post transplant) which feels like a great step forward! Did anyone suffer side effects from any if them particularly? Just useful to know when working out when to have them done.



  • Hi Rich,

    I don't know about anyone else's experiences but I didn't have any issues when I had my childhood vaccinations. I don't even remember having a sore arm at any point.

    I wonder whether, even despite all that we've been through we still have any immunity from the original vaccinations and that they are given as a precaution, much like a booster?



  • Hi RichF,
    I'm Rachel- Lead Nurse here at Anthony Nolan.
    I appreciate you are asking for direct experience from others who have been through re-vaccinations but I wanted to just pop a note up to reassure you that the re-vaccinations shouldn't cause any significant side effects other than an achey/heavy arm and possibly some mild inflammation at the injection site. As you will be aware live vaccines should be avoided after transplant and where an alternative is available this should be given (shingles vaccine for example) where it can not be avoided then live vaccines should not be given until 2 years after transplant- the majority of the childhood immunisations do not fall into the 'live' category, other than the MMR.
    I hope that is some useful information for you.
    Kind regards

  • Many thanks Steve and Rachel - very much appreciated!

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