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B K Virus

Hi. Does anyone have advice re B K Virus after transplant? My daughter has had this for 4 weeks and it is very painful and is passing urine with blood frequently. She has been told there is no proven treatment, is having an antibiotic infusion once per week and today prescribed codeine for pain. Thanks for any advice/information.


  • Hi Babs.

    I haven't heard BK Virus mentioned before and it's not something I remember experiencing myself when I had my transplant. From what I've read it looks like it is common in most people but in a healthy person they have anti-bodies to fight the virus and keep it at bay. As your daughters immune system will be supressed her body has little or no resistance to the virus which is probably causing the problems.

    I'm not in a position to give you any medical advice as to how it can be treated and whether it will get better but hopefully your daughters medical team have a number of options to treat her that they can try. Has there been any improvement since she started the antibiotic infusions?



  • Hi Babs,
    I'm Rachel, Lead Nurse here at Anthony Nolan.
    I'm sorry to hear your daughter is having these complications. BK virus isn't uncommon after transplant and can be very painful for the patient. IV antibiotics and pain control are normal treatment, occasionally patients need to be admitted for intensive treatment. If you'd like to speak to someone in our patient services team we're available Monday-Friday 9-5, you can call us on 0303 303 0303.
    Best wishes

  • Thank you for responses. She has not had any improvement. Unfortunately she now has raised markers for glandular fever, so frightened for her. Today has been given morphine. She is exhausted from lack of sleep.



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