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2nd Anniversary

Today is my 2nd anniversary (stem cell transplant) or 2nd re- birthday as it was referred to recently.

I'm grateful to so many people who have helped and supported me along the way not least my anonymous Anthony Nolan Donor. He is uppermost in my thoughts today.
I know from correspondence with him that he too intends to mark today with a celebration, for him he says the chance to be a donor was the best thing that he could ever do. He also tells me that he will donate more cells if they are ever required hopefully they won't be as things are going really well.

What a fantastic selfless attitude from this young man (I was told at the outset he was a 25 year old British male) and of course all the other donors and those on the register, a thank you to them all and to Anthony Nolan.



  • Happy anniversary Peter.

    I'm still to reach the 2 year mark but thanks to this forum I found out that I can contact my donor anonymously before the 2 years are up and am taking steps to do so. I don't know anything at all about my donor but I want them to know how grateful I am to them for their selfless act.

    Do you have any intentions to meet and thank your donor in person?

  • Hi Steve


    I have been in touch anonymously with my donor by letter, initially it was a 'Thank you' letter with an update that all was going well, I got a reply to that first letter and we have corresponded a few times since.
    I get the impression that my donor is really interested in the progress and he has said it was the best thing that he could ever do. So I have been keen to keep him updated with progress.

    In my last letter a few weeks ago I mentioned that as the 2 year point was approaching how would he feel if I got in touch personally by any means, just to able to say a personal thank you. I'm waiting a reply.

    There is a donor who has written on this subject on the Community site.

    I pass my letters to my Nurse Practitioner who forwards it on to Anthony Nolan, they in turn vet and pass on to donor.

    I have spoken to Anthony Nolan on this subject and they have been very helpful. I ' m sure they would help you to contact your donor if you wish. It has to be anonymously for the first 2 years.
    For my part it has mean't a lot to be able to make contact with my donor.


  • Hi Peter,

    Yes, I've been in touch with Anthony Nolan too and had a really useful email from Amy describing the process for contacting my donor. I fully intend to do this once I've spoken to my consultant next week to make sure she's ok with me making contact.

    I'm not sure that donors fully realise the good that they do and what their donation means to us as recipients. For me, whilst I got into remission fairly quickly there was a high risk of my Leukaemia coming back so having a transplant gave me my best shot at long term survival. I'm eternally grateful to my donor for the chance they've given me at a longer life and can't thank them enough for doing so.

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