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Nausea, sickness, no appetite

Hello friends,

I am on day +43 and have been out of hospital for a week. If anything the nausea and sickness is getting worse not better and I am sick pretty much every day, sometimes after taking medication, sometimes out of the blue.

I can hardly eat although I can often manage a cream cracker and a sliver of cheese a couple of times a day.

Can anyone offer any advice at all. I honestly don't think I can bear feeling so ill almost all the time.


  • Hi Otterfield, at day +43 you're still in the early days of recovery particularly if you've only been out of hospital for a week.

    I really struggled with my appetite and sickness for a long time, I can't remember how long precisely as it's so long ago. I had difficulty keeping anything I ate down, even things like weetabix, soup and milk shakes, but I always hoped they stayed in me long enough to give me some nourishment. I found solid foods really difficult to tolerate and something like a cracker just wouldn't have been possible. Even with anti-sickness tablets I was still sick regularly.

    For me it was a case of trying different things until I found something that I could keep down for a while. I was sick for quite a while though and it wasn't really until I got put on steroids to start treating GvHD that things started to pick up and I got my appetite back.

    The best advice I can give is to hang in there. The recovery from a transplant is painfully slow and you're at a stage where it can feel quite debilitating. You will get through it eventually and your recovery will progress. I'm sure others here will say the same as what you are going through ius a common experience.

    Take care,


  • Hello
    I’m afraid I’m a bit with Steve on this one! I never went anywhere without my trusty plastic bowl for quite a few weeks after discharge. It was regularly in use! And even months later I would suddenly vomit for no apparent reason. It was an incredibly slow and frustrating recovery for me. The food I started with was plain Pringles. I think the saltiness helped. To start with I could manage about a quarter of one, before over time that crept up to a half…… and so on. Sometimes they just sat in my mouth and slowly ‘melted’. I also had the prescribed dietary supplements. I hated them, but persevered with one a day, so I knew I was getting some nourishment. I had a very supportive dietician who said they always expected significant weight loss after a SCT, so that took some pressure off me.
    Easy to say, 7 years later, but try to just hang in there and take one day at a time.

    Good luck with it.

  • Dieseldrinker

    Totally support your comments , thank you for sharing, i put broken up weetabix in a bowl with cold milk in the microwe for 30 seconds low heat and stir and then I have a good sort of porridge. Perfect when I need to get out the door quick.

  • Thank you so much everyone. Although it is of course still a concern and problem, you have helped me to see that it is normal at this stage.

    I have also noticed that it is worse when my haemoglobin is low though I'm not sure why. I am still having about four units of blood each week (the doctors have told me that blood counts take longer to recover with Myelofibrosis).

    Thank you again, Jennie

  • Hi Otterfield, I'm glad to hear our comments helped. A magic wand would be better but it's just accepting it that helps for me too. Haemoglobin values vary for me, thanks for that info, I'llbe aware of it in the future.

    Yesterday discovered tinned veggie soups.. asparagus, mushroom etc.



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