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G-CSF injections interaction with existing medication


Starting G-CSF injections tomorrow as a related donor. Just wanted to check that it will be safe for my recipient and myself to be taking the following combination. I have requested confirmation from my hospital but they are yet to respond and any insight would be gratefully received.

Drug List
lenograstim 33.6 million units Injection

GRANOCYTE 13.4 million unit Injection
Generic name: lenograstim

Above are bone marrow ones

Below my existing medication.
progesterone 100mg capsule
Take 100 mg ONCE a day at NIGHT.
Apply 0.5 mL to the affected area ONCE daily. AndroFeme 1 Testosterone 1.0% w/v

estradiol 10micrograms vaginal tablet
Commonly known as: VAGIFEM

estradiol 0.06% gel
Commonly known as: OESTROGEL

colecalciferol 800 units capsule
Take 1 capsule ONCE daily. - vitamin D

Thank you.


  • Hi Percy,
    I'm Rachel- Lead Nurse here at Anthony Nolan. Apologies not to reply to this sooner, I assume you have spoken to the hospital team and received clarification on your query now but I wanted to reassure you that the GCSF/Lenograstim injections would not have any interactions with the listed medications you already take.

    Its likely you have completed the course of injections and given your stem cell donation by now- it's an amazing thing you have done, thank you! I hope you are feeling OK following the GCSF injections and donation, please do get in touch again if you need any further advice.
    Kind regards

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