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Share experience if you've had COVID post BMT (early recovery) but without a vaccine

Hi all!
My name is Damir. I am new to this forum. I recently had haplo BMT from sibling, now close to 150 days. Been stable overall, but now contracted COVID. Can you please share if you've had such experience in terms of what stuff you should do and should avoid doing (like exercise, or resting, certain medicine, etc.)? What kind of an effect did doctors say it can / will have on the bone marrow and cells? What kind of treatment strategy did doctors put you on?

I'll try to keep you posted on my experience, because I haven't found anything related here. Maybe I looked in the wrong place :)


  • Hi Damir,
    My name is Rachel- Lead Nurse here at Anthony Nolan.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with the forum, I think it will be useful for patients to hear how your managing this and hopefully others will contribute to help you as well. I'm posting as I wanted to advise that you should be eligible for anti-viral or anti-body treatment as you are under 6 months since your transplant, I assume this is what you mean by treatment strategy?

    I wanted to make you aware that information about treatment for COVID-19 can be found on the website, if you cut and paste the the following into your browser it'll take you to the correct place: https://www.anthonynolan.org/patients-and-families/understanding-stem-cell-transplants/coronavirus-covid-19-and-your-stem-cell

    Any infection or virus can impact on your white cell development and you may see a dip in your blood counts over this time, looking them as a trend is important, rather than one off results.

    I hope you stay well and your recovery from SCT is uncomplicated.
    Kind regards

  • Hi Rachel,
    Thank you for sharing the information. I will definitely study it and keep it in mind. As for how I am today. SO:
    1) I passed all the blood tests related to COVID and did a CT scan - hopefully will receive a treatment plan soon. For now continuing my post-BMT regiment of medicine and diet.
    2) I was offered to get hospitalised in a COVID ward of a hospital. It was a tough decision to take but I decided not to do it, as risk of contracting an infection tolerant of antibiotics is very high in these places.
    3) So for now I am at home, and trying to recreate the same regimen of treatment, doctor attention without leaving my home.

    In terms of risks - yes the risks are definitely increased if you contract Covid early post BMT. I am hoping that the current strand of the virus is less egressive towards the host. For now in terms of symptoms I have a slight lung damage (4-8%) and lowered oxygen saturation 91-94. But as I was told by my transplant professor quantity of erythrocytes and haemoglobin determine the "new normal" level of oxygen saturation (as measured optically). So for its like this.

  • Hi Damir,
    I assume you were offered the option of intravenous treatment in hospital, and this is what you declined? Have you been started on an oral regimen or is this what you're waiting to have confirmed.

    It sounds like you are looking after yourself well but please do contact your team or emergency line if you worsen, I know going back into hospital is often the last thing patients want to do, particularly in the winter, but if you need medication and monitoring in the short term it will likely improve things for you in the longer term.

    Stay well and warm

  • edited December 2022

    Hi Rachel,
    Thanks for the warm words :)
    I wasn't offered IV treatment. In fact I wasn't offered any specific treatment. The only thing they told me is that the only hospital where they will accept Covid patients is that specific Covid centre. But keeping in mind that its been working with Covid patients non stop for 2+ years, and also that its located in the General Pulmonary Hospital I kindly reconsidered going there.
    They reviewed my status based on blood tests and CT scan. They claim its a light version Covid infection that I have, hence they only prescribed an antibiotic, anti-clotting medicine and all the usual (hydration, nutrition, gurgling the throat, etc) for now. They do keep monitoring me daily, which is very nice of them.

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