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Covid Vaccination Post BMT

Morning, I am getting conflicting advice regarding my second covid vaccine post transplant. My consultant is saying to get the second dose 3/4 weeks after the first dose, however when I speak to 119, covid helpline, they are telling me I cannot have it any earlier than 8 weeks. The advice on the vaccine info I was given states 3/4 weeks for 2nd dose. I have been incredibly fortunate to have had limited reaction to the transplant so keen to get things moving. Can anyone clarify? Many thanks. Audrey

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    Hi Audrey,

    I hope all's well. I'm Tom, the Head of Patient Information here at Anthony Nolan.

    We have some information that you may find useful:

    The standard advice is to receive your 2nd Covid vaccine dose 8 weeks after your 1st dose. These are known as your 1st and 2nd full primary doses.

    This is probably why it is proving difficult to book your 2nd dose sooner than 8 weeks after your 1st dose - it contradicts that current standard clinical guidance.

    If your consultant feels that you need to have your 2nd dose within only 3/4 weeks after your 1st dose, your consultant will need to explain to your GP (or the healthcare professional who books your Covid vaccinations) why they feel this is necessary.

    We would recommend that you ask your consultant to contact your GP directly about this. If that is not possible, we recommend that you ask your GP to contact your consultant. It sounds as if you may currently be caught in the middle of a discussion they need to have with each other.

    I hope this is helpful Audrey. In case you find it useful, we list the full standard Covid vaccination schedule on our website: www.anthonynolan.org/covid

    All the best,




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