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Autism and stem cell

I am a mother to a non verbal autistic teenage boy and I would absolutely love for cord stem cell to be tried on him to see if it can improve some of his symptoms. currently the results for phase 3 trails of stem cell for Autism have shown a positive results for children on the spectrum in USA. There is also a health center in Panama that offer stem cell therapy for kids on the spectrum and I know a lot of parents from a {Facebook group} that have travelled to seek this therapy for their children regardless of the high price. There is also a ton of video of before and after on youtube of parents who shared their children's journey of stem cell therapy, Has anyone here have a severely autistic child who has been help by stem cell transplant?.

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    Hi Kawazi,

    Thank you for your post. I’m Tom, the Head of Patient Information here at Anthony Nolan.

    You ask about stem cell therapy, and whether it could help someone with autism, such as your son.

    At Anthony Nolan, we support patients who are having a stem cell transplant to treat blood cancers and blood disorders.

    Stem cell transplant is different from stem cell therapy, which uses stem cells to repair damaged cells in the body.

    Stem cell therapy is a developing treatment that is undergoing a lot of research – there’s still lots we don’t know about it – but it could potentially be a treatment option in the future for people with conditions such as multiple sclerosis (MS) and Parkinson’s disease.

    Stem cell therapy doesn’t necessarily provide a cure, like a stem cell transplant, but it could ease symptoms, slow progression of a disease, and give a better quality of life.

    At Anthony Nolan we are not in a position to comment on whether stem cell therapy may be a suitable treatment for your son.

    I recommend that you continue to discuss your son’s medical treatment with his healthcare team. They will have the fullest understanding of your son’s medical history and how he has responded to treatment so far.

    They will also understand the medical options that are available to him, and they will be able to discuss these with you.

    I hope all goes well in his continuing treatment.

    All our best wishes,


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