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Could this medication be what’s going on?

I’m sorry to keep posting but I’m tearing my hair out with worry. Some might have read my post about my husbands levels dropping after his 2nd transplant. I have been looking online I know you shouldn’t but I have read the mycophenolate mofetil

can cause anaemia/dry mouth/cough etc and he has all these symptoms. I’ve read on his first discharge letter he should have 500mg tablets 2 twice a day so 2000mg and on his recent chart it says dose 1000mg? However, on the box it says take 2 tablets : times a day which is 3000mg. Is this what could be the problem?? Has anyone else been on this medication as I would like to know what dose others are on. I’ll be in the phone for his morning to check. I’m praying to gos this could be the answer and not the relapse with think as there are no more treatments


  • Hi Beaglegirl,

    It's Tom from Anthony Nolan's Patient Services team.

    It was good to talk to you on our Helpline just now. I'm so sorry to hear your husband's recovery from his transplant continues to be concerning.

    As mentioned, I recommend that you check in with his medical team today to ensure he's been taking the correct dose of MMF. It sounds as if the dosage instructions were not as clear as they could be, so please do persist in getting an answer to that question.

    Please also ask his medical team about the side effects he is currently experiencing. They will have the fullest understanding of his personal medical history, and how he has been responding to treatment so far. They will also be able to explain how they plan to help your husband manage his side effects, ahead of his next appointment next Weds.

    I hope they are able to give you the clarity and reassurance you need.

    All our best wishes,


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