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Seattle Trial

Iam currently waiting a SCT @ Notts City Hospital,and have been told it will be the Seattle type whereby Iam in for 7days and then frequent checks as an Outpatient.

Because I have a unique anomaly with my blood I will need a 12/12 donor match but to date only an 11/12 match is available.Could I ask to stay in Hospital longer in case of any post transplant issues ?


  • Hi Adrian62,

    I'm Rachel- lead nurse here at Anthony Nolan.
    I may need more information about your planned SCT to ensure I address your question fully- if you'd like to give me a call on the patient helpline on 0303 303 0303 then we can talk further.

    From what you have written here I think you are being offered the opportunity for something called ambulatory care- this is where you attend hospital as an outpatient for a number of days before the transplant, these are called day minus 7,8,6 etc. You receive the stem cells on Day 0, again this may be as an outpatient. The subsequent days after this are called day plus 1, 2, 3 etc. Often patients being cared for in the ambulatory setting are able to stay at home for 3-4 days after the cells are infused and are then admitted to hospital once the blood counts are very low, usually for 7-10 days. If
    you are well once the cell counts have increased again you can be discharged back to outpatient care. If any complications arise once in outpatient care you would be re-admitted or if you weren't well enough to move back to outpatient care you'd remain an inpatient until you have recovered.

    I hope that has helped to clarify, please do call if you'd like to discuss this further and I'd also suggest speaking to your specialist nurse or transplant co-ordinators to ask them to clarify the pathways specific to the department you'll be under.

    Kind regards

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