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Kidney levels for Autogulus Stem Cell Transplant

Does anyone know if there is a minimum kidney eGFR that my husband would need to be at before the hospital would proceed with the Stem Cell Transplant. He's currently at 52 stage 3 but went down to 44 3B. He has been having R-GDP.


  • Hi SJC,

    There are a lot of variables to consider when going into autologous stem cell transplant, the eGFR is just one of them. To reassure you, due to the nature of kidney disease associated with Multiple Myeloma there have been protocols designed to enable patients with renal impairment to still have an autologous transplant, in some cases even if the patient is on dialysis.

    I'd encourage you to speak to your husbands team and understand what they are aiming for as they may be thinking about modifying the treatment they give him to account for any renal problems.

    If you'd like to speak further you might find it helpful to ring our helpline and speak to me- Rachel (Lead Nurse) you can call 9-5pm Mon-Fri on 0303 303 0303.

    Kind regards

  • Thank you, that's very reassuring. His worry was during his previous treatment for Follicular he had high dose Methotrexate which his body didn't receive well, and got down to levels where they are talking renal failure, so obviously with BEAM in hospital for conditioning he is really worried , and whether they would go ahead anyway.
    We are seeing the haematology team at Birmingham on Tuesday to start the discussions and next steps.

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