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Travel insurance for a weeks' break in the UK?

Would you? If you were 1 year post BMT and had been healthy all that time? Due to take 1 weeks' holiday in Devon and wondering what, if any, travel insurance should be taken out. Any thoughts gratefully received. Thanks!

Best Answers

  • Accepted Answer
    Don't see why you should,after all National Health will cover you throughout the U.K.
    Only take it out if you are worried about having to cancel your holiday,you will be loaded due to your illness and transplant so get quotes and see if you think it is worthwhile.
    If you have problems getting travel insurance contact Macmillan Cancer and they will help you.
    Hope this helps .
  • Accepted Answer
    I'm having a similar dilemma. I'm 18 months post transplant and planning to have a few days travelling round the North of England with the family. Like you I've been healthy certainly for the past 12 months and don't restrict myself from 'normal' activities, only being on a low dose of immune suppression now.

    I'm thinking that I wouldn't bother with travel insurance as we have no set itinerary and will just be booking hotels for each night on route. On the basis that I am within half a days travelling distance of my transplant centre in Leicester if anything does go wrong I am hedging my bets that I'll be ok.

  • Best travel insurance (for pre-existing medical conditions) we have found is the 'Free Spirit' policy. You can find the policy booklet by carrying out a Google search.

    We purchased our last Free Spirit policy through the broker Rothwell & Towler over the telephone but I believe you can probably buy direct and cut out the middle man.

    And yes, we did have to claim - the policy paid out in full (minus the excess) and the claims process was a simple one telephone call and one form operation.
    Would recommend them simply because the policy did exactly as advertised.
    We had a pre-existing medical condition (CML) and the policy paid out because of CML.


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