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Marathons, cycle rides, ice bucket challenge - what would you do to help a charity?

What have you done/ what would you consider doing to help raise money for a charity close to your heart?
Have you run a marathon, cycled through Europe, taken the 'ice bucket challenge' or put your cake baking skills to the test? Share your past exploits and let us know what you're planning in the future so that we can help give you some support.


  • I set myself a goal early in my treatment to climb mount Snowdon in North Wales. This followed a visit from a friend a few weeks after my treatment started who had done the climb the weekend before. It gave me a goal to aim for at the end of my recovery.

    9 months after my transplant and just over a year from being diagnosed I completed the climb with 24 friends and family. It was much harder than I expected and I had to keep stopping every 100 yards or so to catch my breath, but I finally made it to the summit. What a moment that was, and such an achievement. It was pretty emotional, particularly standing on top of the mountain with my twin 12 year old boys. I confess to shedding a tear or two.

    I paid for it afterwards as I couldn't walk for a week, my legs were so stiff.

    I raised over £2500 for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research with a bucket shake at a Premiership rugby game in Northampton afterwards bringing the total up to over £4500.

    I'm planning on doing something each year as long as I'm able, so this year I'm hoping to cycle down the towpaths of the Grand Union Canal from Leicester (where I was treated) to Northampton (where I live and was diagnosed) and will split the funds equally between Anthony Nolan and Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research. I'm also hoping to do another bucket shake at Northampton Saints and will split the collection between both charities.

    I'm racking my brains to think of other things to do in future years, but draw the line at sky-diving!!

  • Well done, sounds like a great effort and lots of money raised for two very worthwhile charities.
    I had considered sky diving for Cure Leukaemia but have decided that it's probably not wise to deliberately put myself in potential danger when others are battling so hard for their own lives.

    In March we held the first BONE-shaker MARROW-thon motorcycle rally between Birmingham and Burton. Despite absolutely awful weather, we still raised more than £2,000 split between Anthony Nolan, Cure Leukaemia and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.

    We're already planning next year's ride (Sunday, April 19th) and the biking community have been quick to sign up. If the weather is dry we should hopefully double or treble the attendance.
    We're hopeful it can become an annual event which grows each year. The first year has given us the inspiration to move it forward and reshape it next year.

    Your canal path idea is very similar to something I've had in the pipeline for the past 6 months or so without ever moving forward very far very fast.
    I wanted to arrange either a walk or cycle from Birmingham to Burton and got as far as having the Waterways people help plan a route for me. It would leave from behind the Mail Box in Birmingham and conclude at Horninglow Basin in Burton.

    They said it would be very hard to walk it in one day as it is around 30+ miles and they cannot guarantee the state of the footpaths throughout. Hence why I considered switching from a walking route to a cycle route - but again, the state of the paths isn't known and if it isn't suitable for walking it won't be suitable for bikes.

    It's also proved difficult to pin down an ideal date (not too hot, not too wet, not too dark in the mornings/evenings etc), Maybe this is just an excuse but the idea's always remained on the back-burner.

    Hopefully it will happen this year - again for Anthony Nolan, Cure Leukaemia and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.
  • Hi Stephen,

    As you probably know through Katherine and my posts on Facebook I've modified my plans now to do a 12 hour marathon round Pitsford reservoir in Northamptonshire. The logistics and safety aspects of the ride down the canal became quite limiting as I looked into it, so basing myself in a single location and doing laps on a circuit round the reservoir makes things much simpler.

    Anthony Nolan are supporting me by providing banners, balloons and leaflets to attract people to our base camp so I'm hoping to attract lots of people and raise lots of money. I hope you and Katherine can make it on the day, if only to have a chat during one of my breaks.

    Anyone is welcome to come along and support or join me for a lap or two, so please make a note of the date which is Saturday, September 27th 2014, between 7am and 7pm at Brixworth Country Park, Northamptonshire.

  • Sounds like a good plan.
    As we've learnt - planning anything around the canals is quite a challenge. The only way for us to proceed fully is to probably try a 'dummy run' to see how accessible the route would be and then to make a decision of bike or on foot.
    If we can make your fund-raiser we will do - if not - good luck.
  • My cycling marathon is on Saturday this week which is approaching rapidly. I've done a few training runs and plan to do a couple more before Saturday.

    There should be between 30-40 cyclists joining me at various points during the day so hopefully I won't be alone at any point.

    I hope you can make it Stephen and Katherine, but I'll be sure to post the outcome afterwards.
  • Steve,

    Good luck for Saturday, sounds like a big challenge, you really going to cycle for 12 hours?

    All the best and thanks for your comment re Community Champion.

  • Hi all,

    I did cycle for the 12 hours, though I do confess to some extended breaks as the day got later and I started to ache! In the end though I did complete 8 laps of the reservoir, so 56 miles in total, and combined with my other tem mates, we had a fantastic total of 44 laps (308 miles).

    We collected £136 on the day from passers by and my total on my Virgin Money Giving page is now climbing. The funds collected will be split 50/50 between Anthony Nolan and Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research. Both charities have been fantastic in providing promotional materials and goodies to sell on the day.

    I hope it's ok to post my giving page link, which is http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/Dieseldrinker and I welcome donations from anyone who'd like to help our charities beat blood cancer.
  • Well done on your achievement - great causes to raise money for.
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