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Walking for health

A few weeks ago I spotted an advert at my hospital advertising 'Walking for health South Manchester' organised by Macmillan Connections (cancer support). They described walks twice a week from two National Trust parks just outside the city. I went to one of the walks yesterday, met up with about 20 people and had a really enjoyable woodland walk for about an hour and mainly on the flat. The pace is gentle. The finish point is the café so there is plenty of opportunity to chat and meet new faces. I got the impression that there are many similar schemes and link ups with the National Trust around the country. Might be worth an enquiry if anyone enjoys a ramble.

A spin off from meeting up yesterday was an invitation from the men on the walk to visit a Macmillan sponsored garden allotment which they have been working on for about the last year. A core of about 6 men and a couple of neighbours meet up weekly and potter about and grow some vegetables. They spend a couple of hours there.
I took up their invitation today and joined them. The sun was shining, the garden chairs were set out, tea was laid on and chocolate biscuits provided. There was a lot of talking about plans for the future and planting ideas. Then we all teamed up and uprooted a shrub together, the work done it was time to clear up until another day. I think I might be going next week!

Its just another idea to mention, everyone agreed it is a way of getting out of the house, meeting new people and going some way to aid recovery.


  • That sounds like a great idea Peter. I wonder if there's anything similar in the East Midlands. Now that my fitness is about normal it would be good to get out and about with others who have had similar experiences and have a chat to them as we stroll. I'll have to do some digging and see what I can turn up, failing which I'll have a trip up to Manchester to meet up with you guys!
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