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I re-wrote songs !

I wrote recently about my experiences as spouse to a BMT patient.
The good thing about it being seven years since my husband had his transplant is that you forget things.
Life is so 'normal' now that living has become a way of life now ,if you get my drift ?

If he gets a sniffle , I don't panic like I maybe once would have ,in fact he gets the same abuse and lack of sympathy that I imagine most women give to their men when they have 'man flu ' !

I am sitting up in bed listening to Hurricane Gonzalo , bit of a weak tail end of a storm so far,and planning in my head what we should do on Hallowe'en .It will be seven years this year sine the elusive neutrophils appeared,that's the day we celebrate not transplant day .
Which one do you acknowledge as your re- birthday , I wonder ?

Anyhow,I somehow remembered that to pass the time in hospital,I re-wrote the words to songs.
It started when the transplant co-ordinator came into the room with the bag of bone marrow to start the infusion.
We were sitting listening to music and she asked what song would be appropriate for the occasion.
Now,as far as I know ,no song contains the words bone marrow,and if it did,who would want it? Lol
I decided then that I would write one.Which I did to the tune of Molly Malone.
Being Irish helped as we were brought up on it,but as the song contains the word 'barrow ' it was easy to change the words and include 'marrow' genius eh ? Lol

In Belfast's fine City,
Where worked Dr. Prity.
There was also a doctor and Imran his name
And he harvests bone marrow
Through needles so narrow
Crying I'm going to keep you alive alive oh

Alive alive oh oh
Alive alive oh oh
I'm going to keep you
Alive alive oh.

He came down with a fever
Had a rigor,a shaker,
You'd think that'd be the end of
... .. ......
No along came that marrow
Through veins long and narrow
Saying I'm going to keep you
Alive,alive oh

Now the strange thing was that the doctors were beginning to panic a wee bit because nothing happened until day 25, and just that very morning they had told me that they were going to do another transplant.
But a couple of days before that,my husband had an infection,high temperature,you know the drill,had the rigors as forecasted in the song and then recovered from it.

Maybe we could now launch a song writing competition,BBC style,I.e. there is no prize for the winner !
Perhaps not what Anthony Nolan had in mind when they started this forum but if any of you are sitting,trying to pass the day and not feeling up to much at the minute,have a go,would love to hear the results.


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