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Newbie just arrived....

....not a newbie to Leukaemia as such after having looked after my wife through her AML and stem cell transplant a few years ago and now comiong to terms with my sister facing the same thing. Who says lightening doesn't strike twice? Recently attended the family day hosted by Anthony Nolan trust in Leeds so if anyone is wondering about going to one of these - don't wonder - just do it. You will get a lot out of it.


  • Welcome Gecko. Sorry to hear that you have to face another loved one go through the same again but I truly hope things work out well for your sister. Please keep us updated and shout out on here for support of you need it.

    I haven't made it to one of the family days yet, but hope to if there is one in the midlands in the future.

    All the best, Steve.
  • Welcome from me too and I'm pleased that you have got in touch. It really is bad news to her about your sister, I hope she can make progress.

    It sounds like you have a lot you can share with us in this community and I look forward to you keeping in touch and maybe share your experiences.
    As Steve has already said, keep us updated and let us know if we can help or support you in any way.

    I too attended the Information day at Leeds a couple of weeks ago with my wife so I must have met you. I agree it was very useful, lots of information and handouts. All presented in a relaxed and friendly manner. The next one is in Bristol in November, if anyone can get to the event I would recommend it also. We really enjoyed the opportunity to meet and talk to other patients and carers/family and share experiences.

    Steve, if you get one in the Midlands I shall canvass for one in Manchester!

    Best wishes Gecko

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