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Hi everyone,
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DLI and gvhd

Hi all, had my first DLI treatment this week, the consultants said GVHD often rears its ugly head 10-14 days after. Just wondering what other peoples experience off this is. i am just over a year post transplant and having DLI as my chimerism isn't great really don't want to be back on cyclosporin and steroids if/when GVHD shows up


  • Hello,

    Thanks for posting on the forum. I just wanted to say from a medical perspective that the aim of the DLI is to cause GVHD so there will be a reluctance from your team to put you back on steroids and CSA. That said, if GVHD becomes a problem for you they might introduce immunosuppression as obviously no one wants you to suffer but it will be a balance. They will also get you off immunosuppression as soon as you start to respond, so hopefully it wont be for long if at all.
    I realise its an uncertain time and it must be hard not knowing if you will get GVHD or not, I am sure there are plenty of people on the forum who will be able to share their experiences of DLI as its quite a common treatment post transplant.

    Keep us updated

  • Thanks Hayley, hoping I will get to stay off the cyclosporin and steroids fingers crossed for mild GVHD
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